I followed the advice of a German travel companion to visit the Lost & Found hostel in the middle of the jungle of Panama.

From the Bocas del Toro archipelago I first took the boat back to Almirante and from there a minibus which dropped me off in the middle of the highway. The drivers already are familiar with the area since there are many backpackers going to this hostel. About 10 minutes from the road you walk up to the hostel in the middle of the jungle.

A Hostel full of Germans

And what do you find there? A collection of Germans. Almost every guest was from Germany, a few others from Switzerland, Great Britain or the Netherlands.

The beds in my room were so close together that one could feel the breathing of the others. The ceiling also fell halfway down. From the common room boomed the boring commercial music that you can hear in any cheap disco - a lá Lady Gaga or David Guetta! What a joke! Commerce in the middle of the jungle! Just to be surrounded with my fellow countrymen and neighbours - no need to come into the jungle for that!

The many small animals crawling around everywhere disturbed me the least. I could also sleep unexpectedly well. Nevertheless I endured it here only 1 night.

Devoured by insects in the Panamanian jungle

Before my departure I made a hike into the Panamanian jungle. The hostel also organized a kind of treasure hunt, which I only half-heartedly executed. I finally took a path off the scavenger hunt.

And there the native insects were happy to finally suck human blood again and attacked me continuously. I could not stand still for a second or the little beasts devoured me! The insect spray didn't help either, because my sweat simply washed away the protective layer. These were basically also the only animals I could see except for a tiny gecko. At some point it was too much for me and I literally ran back to the hostel. With my treadless street shoes I crashed into the wet ground several times.

In the evening I packed my stuff and took the bus to David, from where I went on to Panama City.

Feb. 13, 2020, 2:36 p.m.