I left Quito and drove to Baños, a city in the south of Quito, known for its many waterfalls, hot springs and adventure activities. I was accompanied by an Ecudorian woman. We drove to a huge swing that swings so high that you almost sail into the clouds. Unfortunately the weather was overcast and I did not have a good view of the beautiful valley like others. In the evening we went to a bar to dance.

Afterwards I spent another 2 days in Ambato, in whose immediate vicinity is the Chimborazo, which the famous German biologist Alexander von Humboldt climbed almost 200 years ago. However, I could not climb it, because I did not have enough equipment with me.

I boarded the next bus to Guyaquil, the country's second largest city on the coast, to take the plane to Mexico from there. However, I had a stopover in Bogota, where I used my short stay to sleep for a few hours in my Airbnb, because my connecting flight was not until midnight.

Excellent times in Ecuador!

Great nightouts, super nice locals, wonderful panoramas, a pretty capital city, cheap prices - in Ecuador I got everything I wanted and above all I got to know 2 good buddies!

Feb. 16, 2020, 9:03 p.m.