Finally my journey to Latin America begins - or not?!

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How long I had desired this journey!! On April 27, my trip to Latin America was about to begin. Before starting a travel like this you are naturally a little tense. I didn't really know what to expect in Latin America either. If you believe the information of the press or the Foreign Office, it's likely to be robbed immediately after arrival and you'll get all kinds of tropical diseases soon after. Of course, your luggage will be lost if you take a low-cost airline. So I choose the reliable Lufthansa! The flight was supposed to go from Frankfurt to Mexico City. I was already in the gray and rainy Frankfurt the night before take-off when I was reading:

Lufthansa strike on 27 April: Almost 1000 flights cancelled

— Lufthansa website

So much for reliability! I had even more bad luck with Lufthansa a few months later, which resulted in me having to let my return ticket expire. Fortunately, my outbound flight was not affected by a total cancellation! The plane took off just a few hours late and was then almost empty. So I had enough space on the seats. 12 hours passed and I finally reached Mexico City.

Already during the approach, looking at the huge sea of lights, I could guess how gigantic this city is! After arriving in this city, I had to order a taxi with my non-existent knowledge of Spanish and tell the driver my address.

"name of the hotel?" - the taxi driver asked me
"no hotel" - I replied
"adress?" - the taxi driver asked me
"Frontera 115" - showing my phone
The taxi driver asked me something.
"" - I answered, not knowing what he wanted from me

I found out that he wanted to know the neighborhood of the street. I wasn't aware that Mexico City is so huge that some street names appear multiple times in the city. But too late, the taxi had already dived into the darkness of Mexico City....

Somehow the taxi driver arrived at the right destination and I reached my Airbnb apartment exactly at midnight. It was super cool, like an art studio. Everywhere there hung interesting art from foreign countries, and also pictures of naked or kissing men - or a big cardboard unicorn above the bed with a big horn. The owner was a really laid-back American who settled in Mexico City. His little crazy dog Caperucita (Little Red Riding Hood), who has repeatedly let his sexual energy out on an innocent pillow, I won't soon forget.

The owner of the AirBnB aparment David with his dog Caperucita
The owner of the AirBnB aparment David with his dog Caperucita
Mexico City - Apartment
My apartment in Mexico City

Finally I had left the grey sadness of Germany and found myself in sunny Mexico City. On my first day there I met a Mexican girl I had met on a music platform. She gave me a large bottle of tequila, the famous Mexican agave liquor. Salud!(Cheers!) Have some tequila early in the morning on the first day - sure, why not! The Mexican girl had to go to work later, but she wanted to quit her job soon anyway. We were united by the fact that we both had escaped from Koreans: she from her employer, me from my ex-girlfriend. Together we strolled a little through the trendy district "La Roma". I really liked the neighborhood. Stylish bars and restaurants everywhere and the danger of being robbed was not even felt at night. Although the police force is, of course, much higher than in my country. My evening ended in the wicked metal pub "Bizarro" with a 2 liter beer in my hand and a beautiful Latina opposite me! What better way to end its first day in Latin America?

First day in Mexico City
First day in Mexico city

Posted by Marc - Jun 9, 2018


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